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Bee venom skincare: the sting that’s great for your skin

April 25, 2019 0 Comments

Bee venom skincare: the sting that’s great for your skin

Bee venom is one of the hottest buzzwords in beauty. But what is it exactly, and what benefits does it have for your skin? We break down why you need this miracle ingredient – or ‘nature’s answer to botox’ as it’s so often referred to – in your natural skincare routine.


The science behind the sting

The use of bee venom in natural skin care is nothing new. In fact the roots of apitherapy (the medicinal use of products made by honey bees) can be traced back to more than 6000 years of medicine in ancient Egypt.

Bee venom, medicinally known as apitoxin, is naturally produced by the stinger in a bee’s derriere. When you are stung by a bee, the apitoxin causes blood to rise to the surface, so that your skin swells and tingles.

By harnessing smaller concentrations of bee venom in our natural face creams, the skin is fooled into thinking it has been stung, without any pain. The skin goes into ‘repair mode’, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, two naturally occurring key proteins that help skin to stay strong, firm and youthful. 

The result? Healthier, firmer-looking skin and a plumper, smoother and glowing complexion. But what about the bees?


Beauty and the bees

Throughout our bee venom skincare range, we only use ethically sourced, naturally derived bee venom sourced in New Zealand by ApiHealth, the first and most well-known bee venom manufacturer in the country. 

Using patented technology, high-grade bee venom is collected on an electrified glass frame when bees arrive at the entrance of the hive. The bees receive a very mild electric pulse when they land on the plate, which encourages their sting response. Because the frame is glass, the bees do not lose their stinger, nor are they harmed in any way by the mild electric pulse. 


Bee venom face creams for you

So now you have the facts, it’s time to show your skin some beelove. 

For a daily dose of luxurious hydration, bee yü Hydrating Day Créme combines three hero actives; bee venom and cape chestnut oil, known for its natural sun protection properties, and natural royal jellyfrom New Zealand honey bees. 

This anti-ageing bee venom cream not only intensely hydrates the skin but also tightens fine lines and wrinkles, boosts the production of natural collagen and elastin and protects from daily pollutants. A truly natural miracle worker!

When skin needs a powerful regenerating treatment, bee yü Firming & Regenerating Face Masque withbee venom, clover flower extract and swertia chirata extractprovides superior deep cleansing and moisturisation, coupled with anti-ageing effects. Suitable for all skin types, this revolutionary 3-in-1 bee venom mask is one of thebest natural face moisturisers from bee yü for healthy, younger and radiant-looking skin.

Best of all, you will receive all the benefits of the bee sting, without the sting itself!

We do however recommend that you always patch test your product first, to check for any allergies. If you know that you have a bee allergy, please avoid using any of our products with bee venom. Discover the full range of bee yü natural skincare